Since its foundation in 2002, Spirituc РInvestiga̤̣o Aplicada has worked intensively in different areas, but mainly within the pharmaceutical sector. Our solutions, for both qualitative and quantitative studies, include face-to-face, telephone or online questionnaires, focus groups and advisory boards.

Our technical team has developed great expertise and skills for the healthcare area. Our interviewer team has a national wide coverage and is trained and prepared to administer questionnaires to physicians, nurses, pharmacists and patients.

To run our studies, we rely on our own panel (email and phone number) of diverse health professionals:

Health professionals

Approximately 15.000 entries (aprox. 15.000 phone numbers | aprox. 5.000 email contacts) with the following target segmentation:

Physicians: Specialty, Years of Clinical Practice, Type of Activity (public vs. private sector), Workplace and Geographic Region.
Pharmacists: Role as Interlocutor, Type of Pharmacy (Clinic | Hospital) and Geographic Region.
Nurses: Department, Specialty (if existing), Years of Clinical Practice, Type of Activity (public vs. private sector), Workplace and Geographic Region.


Therapeutic areas Medical specialties Targets
• Alzheimer • Asthma • Cancer Diseases (ovary, cervix, breast, lung, colorectal, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome prostate, renal cell lymphomas) • Rheumatoid arthritis • Psoriatic arthritis • Ulcerative Colitis • Ankylosing Spondylitis • Psoriasis • Crohn’s Disease • Uveitis • Hidradenitis Suppurativa • Cardiovascular (HTA) • Acute Coronary Syndrome • Depression • Diabetes • Erectile dysfunction • COPD • Chronic Venous disease • Chronic Pain • Epilepsy • Multiple Sclerosis • Schizophrenia • Glaucoma • Flu • GIST • Hepatitis B • Hepatitis C • HIV • Benign prostatic hyperplasia • Immunology • Urinary incontinence • Chronic kidney disease • Infertility • Obesity • Osteoporosis • Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy Family • Pathology • Allergology • Anesthesiology • Cardiology • General Surgery • Plastic Surgery • Vascular Surgery • Dermatology • Endocrinology • Stomatology • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation • Gastroenterology • Gynaecology • Haematology • Infectious Diseases • Immunohaematology • General Practice • Internal Medicine • Nephrology • Neurology • Ophthalmology • Oncology • Orthopedics • Pediatrics • Psychiatry • Pulmonology • Rheumatology • Urology • Patient Organisations • Caregivers / Family • Patients • Nurses • Pharmacists • Doctors • General population • Scientific Societies • KOL (Key opinion leader) • Payers


• Focus Group (standard e mini) • Advisory Board
• In-depth interviews (individual, pair wise or group)


• ATU (Awareness, Trial and Usage) • Message Recall
• Monitor Patient (PRF)
• Patient Journey

• Quantification of the market (Patient Flow) • Reputation and Image
• Competitive Positioning
• Segmentation

• Market mapping
• Mapping of the Key Opinion Leaders • Desk Research


• Face-to-face interviews (PAPI e CAPI) • Telephone interviews (CATI)
• Electronic questionnaires (CAWI)


Besides the standard approaches that we carry out for our clients on a regular basis, we developed a set of other approaches of more specific nature and with different outlines, that aim to address unique and personalised goals. In such individual cases, the conceptual and methodological outlines are designed to fit the needs of each client. Past examples include, among others, the study of a new product launch, evaluation of communication, evaluation of packaging and evaluation of promotional material.

  1. Because we have 15 years of experience with working in the Pharmaceutical Market (clinic and hospital)
  2. Because we are pioneers in Portugal and specialized in Pharma-related research
  3. Because we have gathered know-how that allows us to present meaningful and credible results, as well as critically evaluate these results and make recommendations
  4. Because we are familiar with all the targets we collaborate with on a daily basis
  5. Because we are aware of, and sensible to, the peculiarities of each therapeutic area
  6. Because we are sensible to your anxieties, worries and needs
  7. Because we are on the “outside”, we can give you impartial input, based on our understanding of the market
  8. Because we have successfully completed more than 1.500 Healthcare-related projects
  9. Because we have interviewed more than 40.000 physicians (amongst other Health Professionals)
  10. Because we can offer an excellent Price-Performance Ratio

We produce knowledge, we add value!