Social Responsibility Project Spirituc – Investigação Aplicada 2018


To Spirituc – Investigação Aplicada, social responsibility means much more than just a simple compromise. To us, this vision should materialize on a daily basis throughout a range of genuine concerns that are directly related to our environment and protecting nature. That is exactly why Spirituc – Investigação Aplicada launched, on the 21 of March 2018 – Arbor Day – the Social Responsibility Campaign “One Project… One Tree” (Um projecto… Uma árvore).

Get to know the details of this campaign:


Where did this idea come from?

According to the ICNF – Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas – in 2017, more than 440 hectares of forest and villages burned down. Given this national catastrophe, Spirituc – Investigação Aplicada couldn’t stay indifferent and felt the need to take action and help. It is essential to show solidarity and compassion, contributing actively in the process of reforesting the national territory. Hence, this project is more than just an idea or good intentions… “One project… One tree” is an obligation.

How will it work?

The operationalization of this project is simple and transparent. For each project that is commissioned between the 1st of January and the 31st of December 2018, Spirituc – Investigação Aplicada will acquire (and plant) a tree. This tree will be a fire-resistant tree (Quercus faginea – also known as Portuguese oak –

This will be our contribution for the reforestation of the national territory. (Valid for any client, national or international and for any kind of project – there is no minimum value to be commissioned).

When will the trees be planted?

All trees that are “gathered” throughout 2018 will be planted at the same moment. Symbolically, this will happen exactly one year after this campaign was launched – Arbor day.

On the 21th of March 2019, the Spirituc – Investigação Aplicada team will be planting these trees. Anyone who would like to join us, individually or as a representative of their institution, is more than welcome to join us in this cause.

Where will this take place?


Unfortunately, choosing the best place to contribute with the reforestation is not at all easy – given the extreme size of the affected areas and the countless regions that were affected by the fires, from South to North of Portugal. Even though it was difficult, we had to choose and, thus, our choice was based on the most rational arguments we could find – picking the Coimbra district, which was the most affected region. More specifically, we will plant the trees in the “Mata do Sobral”, in Lousã – Serpins.

Because our Orange should also be Green.

Join us for this cause.